Our objective is completely crazy…

Our objective is completely crazy…

Since 2016, we’ve been working on the most difficult kind of games: the MMO.

You can find tons of articles explaining why you shouldn’t make an MMO. They will tell you how difficult and monumental the task is and why it is lost in advance.

We did not listen to them.

In 2018, we worked hard. We made a first trailer, a website, and began on prototyping the game with a few team members.

In 2019, we also worked hard. We started fundraising. We doubled the size of our team and started to transition to a globally distributed team. At the same time, we kept working on the game pre-production.

In 2020, we are still working hard. We completed our first raise with 3.1M USD collected. We started the production of our game, a second trailer, and increase our team to about 40 members.

In comparison, the core team of World of Warcraft was composed of about 50 people, and during its 4 years of development, it went up to about 300 people involved. And with a budget of at least 40M USD, they made the greatest MMO so far.

We are still far from that. But I hope the game is going to be a success. I hope it will allow us to grow more and build more games. I believe this is a game that you will enjoy. That it will help you to escape from the problems of everyday life for some moments.

I grew up playing video games after school until late at night. They helped me to enjoy life, to dream of new worlds, and it helped me to pass through some difficult parts of my life. I want to give back to the world all the fun I had playing games.

There’s an extra thing in our game that you should know!

Our in-game currency (like the gold in World of Warcraft) is going to be a cryptocurrency that you will earn by participating in the game missions. You will then be able to withdraw it from the game and hold it in a wallet. At some point, it may discover a price and be tradable for some other currencies. It would give compensation to players for their time invested in our game. A compensation that you could bring back in the real life.

Today you can help us by following us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter, and take part in our upcoming public fundraising that will allow you to buy equity into our game. Unlike Kickstarter where you are promised to receive rewards, here you will be granted equity that will bring you a share of our profits and on our capital in case of a liquidation event.

Our closed alpha will start soon! If you participated in our fundraising you will get access and be able to collaborate with us on making that game the next big MMO!

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