The Game Dev Parent Game Review: "My Little Pony Color By Magic"


1 min read

My daughters have been playing: My Little Pony Color By Magic for a while now. The game concept is pretty simple and is relaxing, like adult coloring books.



  • Pretty art and graphics.
  • Animation and original voices from the show!
  • Energy system, limiting your kid to spend hours in the game.
  • Ads system not too intrusive! And appropriate ads (This is a big plus to me).
  • Possible to play the game entirely for free.
  • Fun to play with your kids.
  • The hint system that unblocks your kids on-demand.


  • Very limited free colors choice on the freestyle drawings.


Here is a game that distinguishes itself from the numerous lame and scammy games you can find on the mobile app stores!

The game looks good. The concept is simple and relaxing. It uses well the touch screen. The game has good limitations so that your kid doesn't spend hours on it. While not forcing your hand to pay for it and having ads that are not that much intrusive.

A game I recommend to other parents! Congrats to Budge Studios for this one.